Too Many Choices?

More is more, right? Well, sometimes less is more.

What? Less is more?

Have you ever walked into a store and simply felt overwhelmed by the sheer number of choices you have? When there are too many options, customers lose focus and leave empty-handed.

It is tempting to carry every option under the sun. But in doing this, we turn a quick in and out chore into an eternal search for the elusive perfect item.

Here are some tips to help combat paralysis due to overwhelming options:

  • Only stock the best. What is your specialty? What are you passionate about? Seek out the best and most exclusive products in your specialty. Be passionate about the items you sell, and help your customers see the products through your eyes.
  • Popular and profitable. What are your most popular items? What are your most profitable items? (These may or may not be the same thing!) Make sure you have enough stock of these items, and feature them prominently in your store.
  • Merchandising. Think about the layout of your store, and the way items are displayed within that space. Think about how the store looks from a customer’s point of view. Is it cluttered and confusing? Is it easy to navigate and locate items? Then, think about aesthetic. A store that is pleasing to the eye, and layouts that are organic and draw customers in will be more appealing to customers than stores that make them feel like they are in a storage space.

Overall, you want get away from the overwhelming feeling brought on by too many choices and products. Create an experience in-store for your customers so that they feel less like they are doing chores. Merchandising and thought-out product choices are a good way to reach your customers without saying a word.

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