Stand Out!

In today’s world, things move fast. Sometimes too fast for us to keep up with. In the business world, things move even faster! There are new products, new innovations, new ways of selling, buying, marketing, merchandising – every. single. day.

How do I keep up? Sometimes the best way to keep up is to get the customer to slow down.

You might be asking, But how do I get my customers to slow down enough to notice me?

STAND OUT! What makes you different?

Take a moment and think about what makes your company unique. Do you source only local supplies for your products? Are you an all-women owned operation? Do you donate or participate in charities?

There are tons of things that make your business YOUR BUSINESS. Let your clients know! Knowing that purchasing from you can help lower their carbon footprint, or help local charities could be just the thing to get their attention, and keep it.

What is your story?

Did you name your business after someone special (some of my favorite retailers were named after a child, dog, or grandparent)? Are you a family owned and operated business? Did you learn your craft from someone special?

Customers LOVE hearing the back stories of their favorite restaurants, retailers, and suppliers. If you have something unique or special to say, people will listen. And more importantly, they will tell their friends!

Get the word out!

Once you know what makes you different, you need to let your clients know. Figure out how to tell them in a way that makes sense to your business. Restaurants may want to draw attention to local, organic items on the menu, or print their story on the back. A woodworker may include “Locally Sourced Wood” on his business card.

You are a unique and beautiful flower, and so if your business. Don’t be afraid to let your customers know just how special you are! It will make them feel connected with you and your business, and keep them coming back time and again.

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